WWE News: Former Champion Says She ‘Cannot Deal With This Company Anymore’ Amid Ban On Twitch Accounts

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During her most recent Twitch stream, former WWE Divas Champion Paige admitted to her fans that she is having a difficult time dealing with the promotion, especially in the aftermath of its decision to ban wrestlers from engaging with third-party platforms.

As documented by Ringside News, Paige was “having a great time” with her viewers and talking about horror movies when she received a text message on her phone and suddenly became somber. She then informed her fans that she might soon have to stop streaming, adding that because of this, it’s important to make the next two streams “crazy” in case she has to leave the platform.

After pausing to text someone, Paige said she has reached a point where she “cannot deal with this company anymore.” She mentioned the fact that she broke her neck twice during her in-ring career, with the second injury proving to be career-ending. The retired grappler then stressed that WWE doesn’t seem to realize that her community goes beyond the act of streaming content in order to gain subscribers.

“We built a wonderful community, a wonderful f*cking family where this is an escape for a lot of people, including myself. I can’t wrestle anymore. I was worked so hard in WWE that I can’t wrestle anymore. My neck is f*cked. My whole dreams got taken away from me, dude. And I had to have something that fulfilled even a small part of that huge f*cking void that I lost with wrestling.”

Paige cuts a promo on Monday Night Raw.

As she continued to vent her frustration with her employer, Paige mentioned the multiple challenges she faced before she was forced to retire. She referenced the time her personal videos were leaked, her allegedly abusive relationship with former superstar Alberto Del Rio, and how she failed two drug tests when they were still dating. She concluded her rant by saying that while she is thankful she still has a job with WWE, the company has no right to treat her “like f*cking sh*t.”

Paige is not the only superstar who has apparently been forced to stop streaming on Twitch in recent days. As reported by WrestlingNews.co, AJ Styles announced on his Discord server on Thursday that he will be indefinitely suspending his stream. Likewise, RETRIBUTION member Reckoning (aka Mia Yim) tweeted that same day that there will be “no more stream” in the meantime, while Aleister Black, Zelina Vega, and Cesaro will also be going off Twitch in order to comply with WWE’s ban on third-party engagements.