WWE News: Booker T Explains Why He Said He Dislikes Current Champion

Booker T speaks during his induction as part of WWE's Hall of Fame class of 2013.

Speaking on the most recent edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T touched on the recent comments he made about SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, noting her attitude might be the driving factor behind his supposed dislike of her. He did, however, say he genuinely respects the “Legit Boss” as an in-ring performer.

As quoted Tuesday by WrestlingNews.co, Booker stressed to his co-host, Brad Gilmore, that people need to “relax” when it comes to his concerns with Banks, given it’s his opinion if he says he doesn’t like a certain wrestler. He stated that whatever issues they have are strictly between the two of them and it’s something they both “have to hash out.” Per Wrestling Inc., the former world champion was referring to what he said on Sunday’s Hell in a Cell kickoff show, where he admitted, seemingly in character, that he “[doesn’t] like” Banks.

Booker went on to say he can appreciate how Banks ranked herself in every position when she was asked on Talking Smack about who she feels are the top five female wrestlers of all time. However, he suggested there’s still something off about how she conducts herself.

“Sasha Banks, she rubs me the wrong way a little bit, It could be her attitude. The thing is, I’m sure you people out there who perhaps made those comments, I’m sure someone that you’ve met rubs you the wrong way and perhaps is not your favorite person. I did not say I hate her. I said I did not like Sasha. That could mean a lot of things.”

Sasha Banks celebrates after winning the SmackDown Women's Championship at the 2020 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

After Gilmore suggested it’s hard to tell when Booker is speaking in character and when he’s expressing his real opinions, the Hall of Famer said he hopes the negative tweets he received about his Banks comments all came from “young people” who don’t fully understand the wrestling business. He added that he actually sees her as a “special talent” who’s better at what she does than most of her female colleagues and also praised her ability to tell a compelling story in the ring.

This isn’t the first time Booker has drawn attention for his apparently in-character remarks about Banks and/or her on-air allies. As reported by The Inquisitr in July, the legendary grappler previously described the five-time women’s champion as a “major player” but referred to her then-tag team partner, Bayley, as a good, but not necessarily great, wrestler. This prompted a response from Banks, who tweeted she and Bayley are “better” than Booker’s old tag team, Harlem Heat.