Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Leans On Jax & Nina Rejects Valentin

Laura Wright films as Carly on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, October 27, hint that there’s more drama associated with Jax and Nina ahead. Carly continues to look to Jax for support regarding the Nelle situation, and Valentin has gone to great efforts to use this to rattle Nina. Everybody will see another round of that play out during Tuesday’s show.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Carly will once again open up to Jax about the moments before Nelle’s fall off of the cliff. She’s told Jason and Sonny about what truly happened, but it’s Jax she leans on when she needs to be entirely honest about those dramatic moments.

The sneak peek for the show indicates that Carly will note there is something she feels she needs to remember. This is not the first time this sentiment has popped up, as Carly feels certain there’s some detail about that final battle with Nelle she is supposed to recall.

Could it be a glimpse of Nelle’s necklace that Carly has yet to register? She knows about Nina’s necklace and the tie it has to her child. So far, nobody has realized that Nelle had the matching piece of jewelry. However, she was wearing it during that final conflict. It ended up in the woods where Nelle fell, and Avery picked it up. However, nothing more has been said about it since.

Cynthia Watros films as Nina on 'General Hospital'
  XJ Johnson / ABC

Whatever it is that Carly thinks she is supposed to remember, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jax will do his best to support her. As viewers know, he has been helping Nina in her renewed search to find her child. It’ll surely make for an interesting challenge if Carly remembers that Nelle had that piece of jewelry and she tells Jax.

Teasers share that as the ex-spouses discuss this, Nina and Valentin will have another run-in. She was pretty stunned last week to learn he’d slept with Brook Lynn, even though she insists she’s over him. He’s still in love with her, but apparently, she’s about to reject him once again.

Nina has already experienced some jealous feelings in watching the ongoing connection that Jax and Carly share. General Hospital spoilers hint that these insecurities of hers are likely to escalate in the days ahead as he maintains some secrets with his ex.

Who will figure out the Nelle connection first, and what will it mean for Nina? General Hospital viewers are ready to see this bombshell drop, and it looks as if it may not take much longer for this situation to finally come to a head.