‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Thursday: Nate Confesses

The Young and the Restless episode that aired on Thursday, October 22, featured Summer confronting Kyle. Jack got Lauren’s permission to share something wonderful with his family. Chloe realized Gloria is up to something. Finally, Nate admitted his intense feelings to Elena, but she didn’t want to hear it.

Summer (Hunter King) accused Kyle (Michael Mealor) of wanting Lola (Sasha Calle). She mentioned the texts between them that she’d read at the hotel and accused him of running straight back to Lola when he returned to Genoa City.

Kyle realized that Summer had stalked him, and then he informed her that Dina (Marla Adams) had died, and Lola offered her condolences. Summer expressed her sorrow about Kyle’s grandmother, but she told him they were through with their discussion when he got a text from Jack (Peter Bergman).

In the park, Jack spoke with Lauren (Tracey Bregman) about the Teardrop of Love, and she indicated that it was cursed in some way. Jack hoped that it would bring his family happiness. Later, he met with the Abbotts and gave them each a piece of jewelry created from the original piece. Kyle expressed his remorse at losing Summer, and Jack encouraged him to follow his heart.

After he met with his family, Kyle found Summer in the park. She’d been remembering their relationship since he’d left Lola. He let Summer know that this couldn’t be the end for them, and he’d make her realize how much he loved her.

At Chancellor mansion, Gloria (Judith Chapman) got offended with Kevin (Greg Rikaart), and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) questioned her about her job in Los Angeles and why she visited unannounced. She and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) took the baby to the park. Chloe talked with Glo and realized something odd was going on with her.

Jack spoke to them too, and he teased Gloria for leaving him in a lurch at Jabot, but she said she had worked with a glamorous Hollywood producer, and he couldn’t compete. When they returned to the mansion, Gloria went upstairs, and Chloe let Kevin and Michael know that they were right to suspect Glo.

At Devon’s (Bryton James), Elena (Brytni Sarpy) noted how sad she’d been packing her bags. Unmoved, Devon asked Elena to leave the keys on the table when she left.

Amanda (Mishael Morgan) found Nate (Sean Dominic) at Crimson Lights, and she told him that Elena had confirmed what happened between them. Nate was in self-pity mode, but instead of tearing him down, Amanda asked about his hand. Nate revealed it was too soon to tell if it would be okay. She left, and Devon walked in. Nate urged him to not let what happened ruin what he had with Elena, but Devon said it was too late.

Elena went to the clinic, and later, Nate showed up. He confessed he had feelings for her, but Elena told him to stop.

Lily (Christel Khalil) went to Devon’s, and he promised her he would be okay. Amanda stopped by later, and he said he was fine. Then he asked her to go to New York City to sign a new artist for his label.

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