Nicole Franzel Pees On The Kitchen Floor In ‘Big Brother All-Stars’ House

Nicole Franzel sits in the big brother hosue

Warning: This article contains brief discussions from the Big Brother live feeds. It does not reveal competition wins or strategic conversations.

“Expect the unexpected” is the phrase most commonly associated with the hit reality competition series Big Brother. Unexpected gameplay has included surprise advantages, former player appearances, and even triple evictions. Sometimes it can mean a houseguest can’t control their bladder and they pee on the kitchen floor. That’s just what happened last night on All-Stars when former winner and current final four player Nicole Franzel peed in her pants while her roommates looked on.

The live feeds have been down quite a bit in the last couple of days, but unfortunately for Nicole, they were in full swing during her accident. Subscribers saw it all go down, with one viewer documenting the whole thing on their Twitter feed. The video, which can be seen here, shows Nicole alongside Cody Calafiore, Christmas Abbott, and Enzo Palumbo hanging out in the kitchen having a fun conversation.

The whole thing started as a joke when Enzo wanted to mess with Cody a little bit.

Nicole Franzel sits in the Big Brother house

One fan noted on Twitter that Enzo planted a piece of toilet paper on himself, which was rubbed with chocolate, to see if his friend would say anything about the embarrassing item hanging off his body. The girls were in on the joke, and when Cody didn’t notice the TP, Christmas pointed it out to him and Nicole began laughing so hard she lost control.

Cody started out laughing at the smudgy toilet paper hanging off Enzo when his attention turned to Nicole.

“She’s gonna pee her pants,” he said laughing and pointing at his final two partner.

Eventually, Nicole starts smiling, and it soon turns to laughter and the house erupts as her roommates realize what just happened.

“I literally peed my pants,” Nicole said while she cracked up.

Christmas fell to the floor in hysterics while Cody and Enzo laughed alongside one another.

The camera then switched to an overhead shot and focused in on the pee on the kitchen floor. Nicole grabbed some paper towels to clean up the mess as she told everyone not to move, while Cody said someone should grab Windex.

“Oh my god I haven’t peed my pants in a long time,” Nicole said to her housemates.

Earlier this season she relieved herself while standing on the wall in a Head of Household endurance comp, and also did on her sophomore season of BB18.