‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Nikolas Questions Ava & Michael Faces Off With Chase

Marcus Coloma plays Nikolas on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

A new Twitter sneak peek teases juicy General Hospital spoilers for the week of October 19. The brief clip promises October surprises, and it looks as if it’ll be a dramatic run of episodes.

The preview shows Sonny talking with Diane, and it seems that it’s Carly’s situation they’re discussing. General Hospital teasers indicate that Carly will face questioning at the PCPD over the incident with Nelle. This conversation between Diane and Sonny will likely be about this, and it seems she will have some concerns about what may happen.

General Hospital viewers will see Michael and Chase end up at the gym at the same time, and it seems they’ll go to battle in a sense. Michael relied on Chase for help when Nelle kidnapped Wiley, but there’s still a lot of anger and hurt there over the supposed fling involving Sasha.

It looks as if Chase and Michael may jump into the boxing ring together to work through some of this, and punches will be thrown. According to SheKnows Soaps, Willow and Sasha will have a talk over the coming days.

In addition, Willow will try to talk with Chase. They obviously still love one another, but she’s also slowly developing feelings for Michael. She doesn’t know that Chase and Sasha faked their fling, and he’s come to believe it’s probably too late to fix any of this. Is there any hope for this pair to reunite?

The sneak peek also reveals a big spoiler related to Nikolas and Ava. He will admit that he has feelings for her. Nik will also directly ask his wife if she feels the same way, and it appears that she’ll hesitate.

General Hospital fans know that Ava definitely does have romantic feelings for Nikolas. However, she may hesitate to admit that directly to him. Not only is she afraid of getting hurt again, but she’s also got the Ryan and Julian mess to consider.

Other developments on the horizon involve the mess created by Alexis and Ned. Brook Lynn overheard Ned telling Monica that he cheated on Olivia, and spoilers suggest there’s much more on the way.

Brando will proceed with his plan to infiltrate Cyrus’ organization on Sonny’s behalf. In addition, General Hospital teasers reveal that Jordan will learn something about Britt’s connection to Cyrus.

There’s some ongoing drama with the teen crew ahead, as well as a pact of some sort between Curtis and Jax. Julian will be navigating some troubles and Valentin apparently will feel as if he’s been vindicated somehow.

Everybody will also see Nikolas apologizing to Elizabeth, and Chase will do something behind Jordan’s back. General Hospital spoilers hint that major developments are on the horizon, and fans cannot wait to watch all of the chaos ahead.