WWE News: Mystery Masked Superstar, Who Was Speculated To Be John Cena, Finally Reveals Himself On 'The Bump'

As documented by Sportskeeda, WWE's The Bump's mystery masked man was revealed to be Mansoor on this week's episode.

The superstar has appeared in several "Your Big Shot" segments in recent weeks, delivering promos that are synonymous with various company legends.

Some fans and wrestlers assumed that John Cena was behind the mask, so the revelation that it was Mansoor all along took people by surprise.

While Mansoor's recent promos were copied from legends, he used his platform on this week's episode to highlight his own accomplishments, while revealing that it's his time to shine in the company.

"What would you say if I told you I've been in WWE only for a couple of years? I have had my number of victories, but they pale in comparison to the road that stretches long before me. My journey has just begun. I have shared the ring with some of WWE's greatest superstars. I stood toe-to-toe with men from Raw, SmackDown, and NXT."
The superstar went on to say that he aims to show the "side of [him] that can look down the barrel of this camera and speak to your soul." According to Mansoor, he has been itching to showcase his abilities for years.
Mansoor's promo work in recent weeks pleased the fans as well. Some of them even praised his efforts in the comments section of The Bump's official Twitter post sharing the video, which can be viewed above.

"I want to see more of what he can do," wrote one Twitter user, who initially believed that it was a veteran behind the mask.

This sentiment was echoed throughout the comments, with Cena's name being mentioned as the suspected candidate before the big reveal.

A second follower tweeted about Mansoor's wrestling and promo abilities while calling for the superstar to receive more substantial "opportunities" moving forward.

While Mansoor's segments have mainly featured on social media and The Bump, his promos suggested that he could be in line for a push.

Mansoor is the first Saudi wrestler to ever compete in the sports entertainment promotion. His most noteworthy appearances were at special events that took place in his homeland, such as Super ShowDown 2019, where he won a 51-man Battle Royale.

The rising star has rarely been featured on Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown, but if his latest promo is any indication of his future, he could be on the main roster soon.