'General Hospital' Spoilers: Dev Is Up To No Good And Manipulates Cameron

The teenage angst on General Hospital is getting real as Josslyn, Cameron, Trina, and Dev have hit on some very unexpected feelings these days. While these four used to have fun just hanging out as best friends, it has suddenly become quite complicated.

The relationship between Josslyn and Cameron has changed since they kissed last week. The teens attended their homecoming dance, held on the Haunted Star, and things took an unexpected turn between them.

Viewers have known for a long time how Cameron felt about the girl he grew up with. However, he has also grown close with Trina and they also previously shared a kiss. Dev seems to be on the outside of this love triangle, but he wants to change that.

According to spoilers provided by SheKnows Soaps, Dev will find a way to manipulate Cameron and possibly get closer to Josslyn.

Last week, Dev overheard Josslyn telling Carly all about her night at the dance and that she and Cameron smooched. Carly seemed amused by the whole thing and let her daughter spill about what happened. Dev has also developed feelings for Josslyn, which further complicates things.

During their conversation, Josslyn revealed she was done writing in her journal and decided to hide it away in her memory box in the basement of their house. All of her private thoughts and feelings are in there, but they won't be a secret for very long.

Dev booked out of the Metro Court and headed back to the Corinthos house to locate Josslyn's journal. He was seen picking it up and proceed to read what was in it. It seems likely he will use what he reads to use against Cameron.

'General Hospital' actors Eden Mc Coy and Ashton Arbab on set.
ABC | Valerie Durant

How will this all affect Trina? Fans know she has been a little smitten with Cameron since their kiss, but she is still confused about how she feels about him. She also knows there may be some sparks between him and Josslyn as well. Dev's manipulations may throw Cameron right into Trina's arms and possibly break Josslyn's heart in the process.

Sydney Mikayla, the actress who portrays Trina, recently shared some behind-the-scenes pics on her Instagram account from the homecoming dance that was aired last week. She looked gorgeous in a blue sparkly dress and her fans loved it as well.

Her scenes in the past few months as Trina have broke many hearts as she mourned her dad's "death." General Hospital fans know he is still alive and well, and it will be a sweet reunion when the truth comes out. In the meantime, she has enlisted her friends to help her clear her dad's name. Their adventure may draw them closer than ever, but it remains a mystery who they will end up with in the end.