Donald Trump Would Likely Quit The Election Instead Of Resigning, Author Says

A controversial Saturday report claimed that Donald Trump is discussing the possibility of resigning as part of a deal to drop any criminal investigation into him. The unfounded story was pushed by Jewish News USA, a Twitter account that is now suspended from the platform. Nevertheless, author Tomi T. Ahonen suggested in a tweet that the president is likely being pressured to resign by advisers but would more likely quit the election in such a scenario.

The claim came after the writer said that the resignation story is likely untrue.

“That said, I can promise you, there are advisors around Trump who are pushing for him to resign, and also, Trump isn’t going to. At best/worst he’ll quit the election but remain POTUS (for reasons I’ve told).”

The reasons appear to be from a previous Twitter thread discussing the possibility of the president’s resignation. In the thread, Ahonen noted that Trump’s resignation and any subsequent pardons would not shield him from the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, which could still prosecute him for state crimes and put him in prison. As The Inquisitr reported, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr is currently behind efforts to subpoena the U.S. leader’s financial records, which a former staff member said could lead to severe felonies and imprisonment.

“Trump KNOWS this. He would not resign. He’d only DROP OUT OF the ELECTION,” the author tweeted.

“My feeling is, IF Trump makes this kind of move, it is not resignation. It is stepping out of election (with whatever excuse including ‘covid complications’) – but NOT RESIGNATION. Trump doesn’t want to lose. He’d prefer not to be on the ballot. Then he can blame others…”

Ahonen claimed that Trump could announce that he would no longer be seeking re-election and push for Vice President Mike Pence to take his place, along with his daughter, Ivanka, as a replacement for Pence’s position. Afterward, the author suggested that the U.S. leader would attempt to work with Attorney General William Barr and his Department of Justice as part of his hypothetical scheme, which ends with the head of state seeking asylum in somewhere else in the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or the United Arab Emirates.

The speculation around Trump’s resignation comes following his hospitalization for coronavirus and subsequent erratic behavior. As The Inquisitr reported, a former White House official claimed that the head of state is on multiple medications. Not long after, Global News reported on Saturday that the U.S. leader said that he is no longer taking coronavirus treatment drugs.

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