Donald Trump Is ‘Hopped Up’ On Steroids And Performance Enhancers, Former White House Official Says

A Friday piece in New York Magazine cites a former White House official who claimed that Donald Trump is currently “hopped up” on steroids and performance-enhancing drugs following his stay at Walter Reed Medical Center for coronavirus.

“They aren’t even considering what happens when he’s feeling worse than he’s feeling now, when he’s hopped up full of steroids and other performance enhancers,” they said. “He’s on the sort of drugs you’d see with a Tour de France rider in the mid-’90s!”

The official added that Trump is on “more drugs than a Belgian racing pigeon.”

Earlier in the discussion, the same official claimed that Trump’s staff are unable to think strategically due to the constant stream of threats the president poses on a daily basis.

“I don’t think they’re even considering what happens if he’s back in the White House and he needs oxygen or a ventilator. Their view is ‘If it happens, well, we’ll f*cking figure it out when it happens!’?”

A Thursday New York Times report claimed that White House aides are privately concerned about Trump’s recent mood and his use of the steroid medication dexamethasone, which they allegedly believe might be the cause of his recent “animated mood.”

Dr. Negin Hajizadeh warned that research suggests that approximately 28 to 30 percent of patients that take steroid drugs experience mild to moderate psychiatric effects, including delirium, mania, and insomnia. Most concerningly, a small portion — 6 percent — experience psychosis.

Physician Esther Choo said she warns family members of patients taking steroids that their personality might undergo changes while taking the drugs.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump previously accused Joe Biden of using performance-enhancing drugs and suggested that he would make the former vice president take a drug test before the then-forthcoming first presidential debate. The head of state also indicated that he would sign an executive order that disqualified his Democratic opponent from running in the election.

Despite concerns over his mental well-being, Trump has credited his concoction of medications for his purported recovery from coronavirus. Per CTV News, the president told radio host Rush Limbaugh on Friday that he on the cusp of a “very bad phase” and said his success was due to the experimental antibody drug Regeneron, which he said “wiped out” the virus. The publication noted that Trump was one of less than 10 people to received the drug for “compassionate use” which is a rule that authorizes the use of unapproved treatments for people who are seriously ill.

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