Donald Trump Reportedly ‘Frantic’ And ‘Unmoored’ As He Drops In The Polls

Donald Trump is increasingly upset over his chances of winning the election in November to the point where he is “frantic” and his “unmoored behavior is only going to get worse,” according to Washington Post reporter Eugene Robinson.

As Raw Story reported, Robinson appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the president’s expected conduct in the final month leading up to the election.

Co-host Jonathan Lemire told the panel that Trump hasn’t participated in any on-camera interviews since contracting COVID-19. In response, Robinson noted that Trump is facing some challenges politically and physically, and that everyone should be wary of his behavior as things come to a head.

On top of Trump’s normal behavior, Robinson warned that the treatment protocol used to treat him, which includes the steroid dexamethasone, can cause euphoria and cause people to act “crazy.”

“It’s ramping up. He looks at the polls, he sees that he’s not just losing, he’s losing badly and it looks as if the floor has fallen out from under him,” he said. “I mean, the numbers we were — we have seen over the past week — have been landslide numbers for Joe Biden and, you know, maybe they will regress to the mean at some point and the race will go back to where it was but where it was is, you know, a seven or eight-point lead for Biden and Trump. He’s frantic about this.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump has been dropping in polls across the nation, but particularly concerning for the GOP is his struggle to keep supporters in traditionally red states like Montana, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Missouri. Critics there say that Trump’s actions have pushed away independents, college-educated whites, and people of color, in particular.

As evidence to support his claim, he pointed to recent comments from Trump calling for his opponent Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama to be arrested and attacking his attorney general for not doing so. He also criticized his secretary of state and the head of the FBI for failing to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

It’s only going to get worse, Robinson said, as things get more frantic leading up to the election, and it will likely be a test of the country’s system of leadership.

Trump has said that he will appear in front of cameras on Friday on Fox News, his first in-person interview since he was hospitalized for the novel coronavirus.

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