Donald Trump Losing Ground Even In Traditionally Safe Republican States

President Donald Trump continues to get bad news when it comes to his chances of winning the election in November. According to The New York Times, polling shows support for Trump collapsing across the country, but particularly with women, seniors, and those who live in the suburbs. The shift is happening not just in Democratic states, but in traditionally red ones as well.

Numbers obtained by “private G.O.P surveys” indicate the incumbent president is trailing dramatically in battleground states, but has also lost ground with independents in red regions such as Montana, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Missouri.

The Sun Belt, in particular, appears to be turning away from Trump, threatening the Republican control across the nation. For the first time in years, this area — one of the hardest hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, with spikes in many regions — might be increasingly within reach of Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden.

“There are limits to what people can take with the irresponsibility, the untruthfulness, just the whole persona,” said former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

“Racism and misogyny and demagoguery and being just hateful and cruel and intolerant are not things in the Southwest that play very well,” added the Democratic governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham.

As a result, Biden has been strategizing in the area, which is often ignored by Democratic candidates. He has also been seeing an influx of support from minorities and college-educated whites in the region.

“Cities in states like Arizona and Texas are attracting young people, highly-educated people, and people of color — all groups that the national Republican Party has walked away from the last four years,” said Republican Oklahoma City Mayor David F. Holt.

“This losing demographic bet against big cities and their residents is putting Sun Belt states in play.”

That doesn’t mean places like North Carolina and Georgia are a sure thing for Biden.

While the two candidates appear to be tied there currently, Democrats have struggled to gain any foothold, with GOP candidates buttressed by working-class whites.

But if Biden does manage to take some blue areas, it could force the GOP to re-reconsider their strategy and, particularly, their support of Trump and Trumpism, the Times wrote.

In other areas that are less entrenched as Republican strongholds, such as Texas, Biden has a good chance of winning, polling indicates.

The results of the polling lines up with other recent surveys. A CNN poll showed Trump behind Biden by 16 points, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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