WWE News: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Mystery Woman Finally Revealed; Superstar Addresses ‘Toxic’ Fans

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As documented by WhatCulture, Carmella was unveiled as the Friday Night SmackDown mystery woman on this week’s episode. She has been absent throughout the pandemic, but she finally looks set to return to action.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, fans have speculated that Carmella was the superstar in question for weeks. Her return was seemingly foreshadowed when Paul Heyman namedropped her during a recent episode of the blue brand’s weekly show. However, Chelsea Green, Eva Marie and other performers were also linked with the role.

The former Women’s Champion appeared in a vignette on last night’s show and revealed that she’d lost her way during her last run. She cited her partnership with R-Truth as one of the main reasons for her fall from grace, and she stated that she doesn’t want to be known as a “dancing fool.”

Carmella’s new character also appears to be focused on glamor and fame. As the WhatCulture article noted, she’s reminiscent of the Emmalina gimmick that was abandoned a few years ago. Her rejection of her previous comedy gimmick also suggests that she’s about to showcase a more serious side to her persona.

The SmackDown superstar also looks set to return as a heel. During the latest vignette, she described herself as “untouchable” and “better than everyone.” These arrogant sensibilities won’t warm her to the fans or her peers, but they could make her a top star on the blue brand.

Carmella is a former Women’s Champion and she’s returned at a time when the division could use fresh challengers. As WhatCulture pointed out, Sasha Banks looks set to dethrone Bayley for the title, and she’ll need top heel challengers to defend against, should she walk away with the prize.

Not everyone is a fan of Carmella’s new character, however. Earlier today, she took to Twitter and addressed some of the fan vitriol she’s received following her appearance on the latest show.

“Been off tv & out of the public eye for over five months. I come back for one night & the amount of negative comments I see just based on my looks alone is disgusting. I forgot what a toxic place social media can truly be. Thank god I know what a hot b*tch I am.”

However, the comments section filled up with positive sentiments for the performer. Many of her fans claimed that the haters were jealous, and it’s clear that plenty of people are happy to see her back in action.