‘Big Brother 22’ Evictee Dani Briones Says She’s ‘So Hurt’ By Cody Calafiore, Would Have Taken Him To The End

Dani Briones was the first member of the dominating Committee alliance to be sent home this season on Big Brother All-Stars. The legend was blindsided by her eviction, after being put up for nomination by Tyler Crispen. Dani truly didn’t think she was going home, despite sitting next to one of her best friends in the house and former winner, Nicole Franzel.

The vote was not unanimous, with three votes to evict Dani and two to boot Nicole. Tyler and Christmas Abbott were the votes to get rid of Nicole, meaning Dani’s close friend Cody Calafiore voted to evict her. The pair were good friends throughout the season and had one of the strongest bonds in the house. Kaysar Ridha even noted in his plea speech that Dani, Nicole, and Cody were in a love triangle, but it looks like his loyalty lies more with Nicole.

Dani caught up with Entertainment Weekly today to talk all things All-Stars, and she was still very passionate about being stabbed in the back by someone she thought would never do it.

“I feel so hurt by Cody. I thought were really, really close. I considered Cody like my little brother,” she said.

“I would’ve never voted against him. I would have never nominated him. And, honestly, I probably would’ve taken him to the final two. And when I say probably, I would’ve taken him to the final two.”

Dani then questioned why he did it to her, coming to the correct conclusion while talking it out.

“Why did he do it? I think he probably has a final two with Nicole, probably Enzo. And I also think that he was scared that he couldn’t beat me in the end. He was afraid I would be the Derrick and he’d always be the Cody.”

Not only does Cody have a final two with Nicole and Enzo, but he also has one with Memphis Garrett which was created at the start of the summer. Who Cody’s true number one is will only be revealed should he win the final HOH and decide who goes to the finale with him. Whether Dani can forgive Cody enough to give him a vote if he makes it to the end remains to be seen. It might all depend on who he is sitting next to and if she dislikes them enough to get over her hurt.

Dani also admitted to feeling bad about not hugging Tyler and Christmas on her way out the door, saying she was being a poor sport in that the moment. The pair were also in the Committee alliance with Dani along with Cody, but her feelings of betrayal were much stronger with him than Christmas and Tyler.

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