Janelle Pierzina Weighs In On ‘BB22’ Triple Eviction, Slams Enzo Palumbo

Big Brother veterans, including some who were competitors at the season’s start, tuned in last night to watch the first-ever triple eviction. Several legends shared their thoughts on Twitter throughout the two-hour episode, and one who wasn’t shy about their opinion was none other than Janelle Pierzina.

The four-time Big Brother player was the third boot this summer and has been vocal on social media about what has happened since her eviction. Last night was no exception.

Janelle tweeted several times about her disappointment over last night’s events, which were met with applause by her followers. One of her first tweets was a cheer for Tyler Crispen, who she has defended online since her departure. Janelle was rooting for Tyler to win the first HOH, which he lost to Memphis Garrett.

The real estate agent applauded Memphis for winning his third Head of Household of the season, but it was the second vote of the evening that really got her going.

Nicole Franzel sat on the block next to David Alexander and the nominations were locked after Christmas Abbott won the Veto and kept them the same. Janelle and thousands of viewers were hoping to see Nicole evicted, but things just didn’t pan out that way.

Tyler and Christmas ended up voting out Nicole, but things fell flat when Enzo Palumbo, Cody Calafiore and Dani Briones voted to keep her in. For the summer’s entirety, Enzo has been saying a former winner should not stay in the game, and when it was time to make a big move, he fell flat.

“F U Enzo you b*tch,” Janelle tweeted. “How can these players call themselves All Stars and not vote out someone who has already won over an effing rookie!?! They should be ashamed of themselves! Especially Enzo. Dude had one job and he blew it!”

Nicole was nominated a second time when Tyler won the next HOH and put her on the block next to friend Dani Briones. During the following Power of Veto competition, Nicole took a nasty fall running across a balance beam, something Janelle took great joy in.

“Nicole gets nominated twice and faceplants into the ground during the veto. What a time to be alive,” she wrote.

The former winner managed to stay in the house despite being put up twice, and Dani was the third houseguest sent packing. Janelle shared her feelings about that as well on Twitter and doesn’t feel bad for her former co-star.

“Dani has no one to blame but herself. She targeted all of the people that would have had her back. Me, Ian, Bay, Kevin, Da’Vonne and Kaysar. She choose to work with Nicole and Cody. Girl Bye.”

At the end of the evening, Janelle wrote that she wished the evictions would just keep coming, as the remaining players are one of the most disliked final-six groups ever in the game.

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