‘This Is Us’ Star Sterling K. Brown Shares Wild Behind-The-Scenes Cast Pic That Shows Safety Protocols In Play

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown shared a behind-the-scenes photo that shows just how seriously producers are taking coronavirus protocols while shooting the upcoming fifth season of the NBC drama series.

In a new photo shared to his Instagram page, the Emmy-winning actor was pictured in a sealed-off, clear “booth” with co-stars Jon Huertas and Chris Sullivan housed in identical, stall-like structures on either side of him. A sign hanging on one of the stalls noted that the area was for “Zone A Access Only.”

In his post, Brown included the familiar “call to the post” bugle sound that signals the start of a horse race as he joked that he and his co-stars were at the gate and ready to race.

In the comments section to the post, Brown’s TV mom, Mandy Moore chimed in.

“This is hilarious!!!!”

Many other commenters agreed, with some thinking the trio looked like dolls in boxes.

“Lol. You all look like Ken dolls in your packages… just missing the labels,” one fan wrote.

“How much for the Randall action figure?” another joked.

Other fans were confused by the off-camera “distancing” when the actors are still working together on the set.

“Why these boxes, aren’t you close to each other while shooting the scenes?” one viewer asked.

“Wait, so yall act together in scenes then quarantine on between scenes? I am confused,” another added.

Some fans felt that the individual “boxes” were used to keep distance between members of the hair and makeup team when working their magic on the This Is Us stars between takes.

Other viewers reiterated that they hope the coronavirus pandemic is not part of the storylines on the upcoming season of This Is Us because they need a “break” from reality. Showrunner Dan Fogelman has already confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic will be included in present-day storylines on the upcoming fifth season of the NBC drama.

It’s no surprise that the cast and crew are taking safety seriously. Earlier this year, Huertas told The Wrap that the protocols and guidelines that the cast would have to follow in order to go back into production were “really kind of daunting.”

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times’ Can’t Stop Watching podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, series star Milo Ventimiglia envisioned a “safe, sterile” filming environment for the crew to resume production. The This Is Us cast headed back to the set last week, more than two months later than usual.

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