‘This Is Us’ Fans React To Haunting New Promo As The Pearsons Get Ready To ‘Start A New Chapter’ For Season 5

This Is Us fans are reacting to a promo for the show’s long-awaited fifth season.

In a teaser shared to social media, photos of main cast members Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, and Mandy Moore were shown in succession as a haunting acoustic guitar melody played, and the words “Tuesday, October 27” and “2-hour premiere” appeared onscreen.

Matriarch Rebecca Pearson (Moore) was then heard saying, “I think it’s time we start a new chapter” before the shot cut to the adult “Big Three” sitting together in a huddle at what appeared to be the lake near the family’s cabin. The vacation house served as the backdrop for several episodes during the show’s first four seasons.

In the caption to the post, which can be seen below, it was teased that the Pearsons are better when they are together, although viewers know that Season 4 ended up with a blowout argument that will lead to an estrangement for Pearson brothers Kevin and Randall in the present day.

In the comments section to the promo, fans reacted to the teaser to what is sure to be another tearjerker season for the NBC drama series.

“Ready for this new chapter,” came a post from the official This Is Us Instagram page.

“Damn, I’m hyped now! Let’s Go!!!!!!!!!” chimed in Emmy-winning series star Sterling K. Brown.

“My heart is not prepared for this,” a fan added.

When another commenter prepared to “bring on the waterworks,” another agreed that it happens “every damn episode.”

The new teaser about starting a new chapter is very much in line with what showrunner Dan Fogelman said about the upcoming episodes several months ago. Earlier this year, the This Is Us creator told Entertainment Weekly that the new season will be full of “new beginnings,” and he described the storylines as a “rebirth” for the characters.

The cast of the NBC drama finally returned to the set this week. In Instagram photos, shared here, Sterling K. Brown posed wearing a mask outside of the trailers labeled for the couples on the show, including – spoiler alert! – a trailer that was marked Kevin/Madison. Viewers know that the oldest Pearson son had a one-night stand with his sister Kate’s best friend, and she then became pregnant with twins.

Longtime viewers know that this is the week that This Is Us usually premieres, but production was halted for an extended period of time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The October 27 premiere date is actually two weeks earlier than the November date that was originally announced.

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