‘General Hospital’ Recap: The Teens Hit Homecoming, Julian’s Rattled, & Nina’s Emotional

William Lipton and Eden McCoy play Cameron and Josslyn on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

A new episode of General Hospital aired on ABC on Thursday, and some significant developments were shown. This week has been a tricky one with multiple preemptions for the baseball playoffs, and some people missed seeing the October 1 show. Friday is slated to be another preemption, but the week of October 5 should be filled with new episodes.

As SheKnows Soaps detailed, a large group gathered at Jax’s home to see the teens off to the Homecoming dance. Trina and Joss made big entrances as Dev and Cam stood waiting in their suits, and many photos were taken.

Brando, Elizabeth, and Portia joined Carly, Jax, and Nina to see the quartet dressed up for the event. Portia and Liz were also acting as chaperones for the high school gathering, so they walked with the kids to the Haunted Star.

Liz and Portia talked about the issues at General Hospital. Naturally, this included some tough conversations about Cyrus, Taggert, Cameron, and Trina. On the boat, Cameron and Trina spent some time together while Dev dropped some major hints to Joss regarding his feelings for her.

Joss seemed to put Dev squarely into the friend zone, while Trina struggled and took a minute away from Cam. Joss and Cameron started talking, and before long, they started to move in toward one another for a kiss.

Trina talked briefly with Dev and noted that she was going to head out, and he told her she should find Cameron and Josslyn to say goodbye. Chances seem quite solid that Trina will see Cam and Joss kiss and run off upset.

Her mother Portia had been worried about making sure the group stuck together and relied on the driver hired to keep them safe. Now, it seems likely that the upset teen will end up on her own and perhaps in another dangerous position.

Cyrus’ continued presence in Port Charles ruffled some feathers as well. Sam and Jason had a somewhat intense discussion about the mobster and even had a brief confrontation with him. Julian is quite rattled by Cyrus’ interest in him, and this prompted him to head to Wyndemere to seek help from his sister Ava.

William deVry films as Julian Jerome on 'General Hospital'
  Matt Petit / Walt Disney Television

Before Julian could tell Ava much, however, Nikolas interrupted them. Nik and Ava aren’t quite sure what to do with themselves after their frisky encounter at the cabin, and they’re doing an awkward dance around one another at the moment.

As Nik, Ava, and Julian navigated their tense discussion, she got a phone call from Ryan. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central suggest that there is much more coming on this front next week.

During a few moments alone, Nina opened up to Carly about how difficult it was to watch the kids together. She admitted that she thinks a lot about her unknown child and all she has missed, and she noted that she and Jax seemed to be making progress on finally uncovering the truth.

Nina told Carly about her former nurse Phyllis and how kind she had been. She also detailed that Phyllis seemed to have been the person who had worked with the jeweler to create the necklace. Ultimately, this should all lead back to Nelle, and General Hospital fans are curious about what twists may be on the way.

The action will pick back up again on Monday, October 5, and General Hospital spoilers hint that things are going to be quite dramatic and wild.