Joe Biden Won Presidential Debate Over Donald Trump, Polls Suggest, As Pundits Call It A ‘Sh*t Show’

Joe Biden was the victor of Tuesday night’s presidential debate, according to an instant audience poll conducted by CBS, The Daily Mail reported. The research revealed 48 percent of viewers believed Biden won the debate, compared to just 41 percent who voted for Donald Trump. A further 10 percent believed the chaotic event resulted in a tie between the two presidential hopefuls.

According to the poll, the debate struck the wrong chord with viewers, as 83 percent described the tone of the debate as negative, while the most common reaction to the event was annoyance, the publication reported.

Meanwhile, a CNN poll saw a landslide victory for Biden, with 60 percent of respondents backing the democratic nominee and just 28 percent voting for Trump, noted The Daily Mail.

The tumultuous proceedings, which saw the presidential candidates trade insults and shout over each other, were also heavily criticized by news anchors and political pundits.

“That was a sh*t show,” said CNN host Dana Bash.

“Apologies for being, maybe a little bit crude, but that is really the phrase I’m getting from people on both sides of the aisle on text and it’s the only phrase I can think of to really describe it.”

Co-host Jake Tapper agreed with the veteran broadcaster as he labeled the proceedings a “hot mess inside a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck.”

NBC‘s Chuck Todd, meanwhile, blamed Trump for the “train wreck” debate, the news source reported.

“In some ways it’s the only way he knows what he do — he bulldozed over the moderator, he bulldozed and at times flustered Joe Biden but I don’t know if anyone wouldn’t have been flustered by the president’s behavior,” he said.

Todd also pointed out that the turbulent debate was unlikely to have helped undecided voters to make up their mind.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow contended that “this sort of debate shouldn’t happen in a democracy,” according to the outlet, as she underlined the event was unlike any other presidential debate before it, and called Trump’s performance a “monstrous cavalcade of increasingly wild and obscene lies.”

As The Inquisitr reported Tuesday, the first debate between the two presidential candidates became contentious immediately after it kicked off. Trump talked over Biden during the opening round of questions and aggressively cut into his time, while Biden also interrupted Trump and, at one point, told him to “shut up, man.” According to the news source, CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer said the production was so “chaotic” that it may see any other scheduled debates canceled.

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