‘Big Brother 22’ Week 8 Spoilers: Houseguests Suspect A Multiple Eviction

Dani Briones sits in the Big Brother living room

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother All-Stars.

The houseguests on Big Brother Season 22 are starting to suspect something is afoot. The live feeds were down for quite some time on Tuesday afternoon, and when they returned, the houseguests were trying to decipher something they had been told from an outside source. Big Brother Daily documented the immediate conversations on Twitter, as the houseguests discussed with one another a message they had been given from Dr. Will Kirby.

It appears as if Dr. Will showed up either on-screen in the living room or outside in the backyard and gave a quick little quip to the remaining players along the lines of being “three steps ahead.” The Big Brother legend has been staying nearby as a part of the Neighbor Week twist where he has offered power as well as prizes to the roommates in the Head of Household (HOH) and Power of Veto (POV) competitions. Today’s message is not 100 percent confirmed to the letter, but he definitely let them know something serious was happening very soon.

A conversation between Tyler Crispen and David Alexander saw the two men discussing what “three steps ahead” meant, guessing there would be a surprise eviction tonight and then a double on Thursday.

Cody Calafiore delivers his nominations

David asked Tyler if there had ever been three players eliminated in one week during the show’s history, to which Tyler responded “not like this.” The real twist is that Thursday will feature a triple eviction, sending three players out the door back-to-back-to-back. So far, none of the housemates have suspected this is how it will play out.

Enzo Palumbo and Dani Briones also discussed the message from Dr. Will, which they admitted was a little odd.

“That was weird, [Will] just comes on for five seconds, winks twice, and then gets off,” Enzo said.

Dani said it was “weird” and “stressful” to which Enzo noted there were only three weeks left and nine people in the game, slowly figuring out this week would have some sort of multiple eviction.

Since several of the housemates think there will be an eviction tonight, the conversations will take a serious turn tomorrow when it doesn’t happen. They might suspect a vote every night up until Thursday, which will be a very panicky day in the house. They should not find out anything official until the live episode when host Julie Chen comes over the monitor and reveals the news to them.