John Legend Warns Hillary Clinton That Donald Trump’s Damage Might Be Irreversible

During the second episode of Hillary Clinton’s recently released podcast, You and Me Both, American singer-songwriter John Legend warned the former secretary of state that the damage Donald Trump has purportedly wreaked on America might be irreversible, Breitbart reported.

“Our democracy is on the ballot,” he began. “We have to act for us to maintain our democracy, and it is in peril right now. It is clearly in peril.”

The record producer continued to express his belief that climate change is the most “urgent” issue facing both America and the world. But with a Trump re-election, Legend does not believe it will be possible to make progress on the subject.

“And it’s guaranteed that if Joe Biden is re-elected and we have a Democratic Senate, that we will pass some version of the Green New Deal,” he continued.

Legend praised Biden’s “robust” version of the legislation before warning that failing to elect the former vice president could become a point of no return for the United States.

“And if we don’t elect Joe Biden, I don’t know if we will ever be able to reverse the damage that Donald Trump is doing and has done. That’s enough reason for me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Legend called Trump a “liar” and “conspiracy theorist” who doesn’t “particularly care” about Americans of color.

As noted in an Instagram post by Clinton, the episode of the podcast — titled “Vote!” — was launched on Tuesday and focused on voting. In addition to Legend, Clinton also spoke to former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams. The first episode is titled “Faith” and focuses on the human need for mourning, as well as the difference between belief and faith.

As The Inquisitr reported, Legend previously claimed that he and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, might leave America if Trump wins in November. Although the singer acknowledged that such a move would be difficult as they would be leaving family behind, he claimed that the president’s alleged attempt to destroy democracy could be enough to force them out of the U.S.

Trump and Legend have clashed in the past. Per Deadline, Trump took aim at Legend on Twitter last year and called him a “boring musician.” The president also called Teigen a “filthy mouthed wife.” Trump’s comments came following his signing of the First Step Act, which was praised by many as a step forward for criminal justice reform. Notably, Legend is a supporter of criminal justice reform and — before Trump’s insults — appeared on MSNBC’s Justice for All, a documentary on mass incarceration.

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