Rudy Giuliani Asserts There Is 'No Doubt' Joe Biden Has Dementia To Fox Hosts

Rudy Giuliani chatted with the hosts of Fox & Friends about Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and the upcoming presidential debate. While weighing in on how pundits were predicting Biden would do in the matchup, Giuliani made some claims that appeared to leave the show's hosts uncertain of how to respond.

Giuliani opened the topic by asserting that Biden cheated his way through law school, was held back in the third grade, and was the "dumbest man" in his grammar school class, while the show hosts remained silent as the former New York City mayor continued his rant.

The hosts then showed a montage of media reviews of Trump's debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016 and asked Giuliani if the media had set the bar too low for Biden to do well on Tuesday.

He said that Biden would be declared the winner by the media, but wasn't mentally fit to compete against Trump.

"Look, the man has dementia. There is no doubt about it. I have talked to doctors. I have them look at 100 different tapings of his. Five years ago and today," Giuliani said.

Host Steve Doocy pushed back, saying that Biden's team says he's fine.

"What? He can't recite the pledge of allegiance, and he is fine? He was in the senate for 160 years? I mean, [Biden] can't do the prologues to the Constitution of the United States or the Declaration of Independence, any of them? He can't do numbers. Wow, are the numbers screwed up!" Giuliani replied.

He added that two gerontologists had told him that Biden had eight out of 10 of the classic symptoms of "middle level" dementia, particularly in his muddling of words. Biden has struggled with a stutter during his life.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks on the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention from the Chase Center on August 20, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware.
Getty Images | Win McNamee

However, he concluded that it was likely that Biden would do fine.

"I think the president is quite right to say maybe he is taking Adderall or some kind of an attention-deficit disorder thing," Giuliani said.

Trump has repeatedly suggested that he believed the former vice president is taking mind-enhancing drugs in order to improve his public performances. He has said that he wants both of them to be tested prior to their debates in order to prove that neither is abusing drugs, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

During the entire segment, the cast appeared to be unsure how to respond to the assertion until Doocy cut Giuliani off, saying all of his claims were his own opinion. At that point, Ainsley Earhardt redirected the conversation to talk about the upcoming fight over Trump's Supreme Court pick, Amy Coney Barrett.