Lindsey Graham Returns To Fox News To Plead For Campaign Money: ‘Help Me’

During a Sunday appearance on Fox News, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham pleaded for campaign contributions, Raw Story reported.

Speaking with Sunday Morning Futures anchor Maria Bartiromo, Graham said that Democratic voters are galvanized and united in their opposition to Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Barret is expected to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away last Friday.

“Democrats try to destroy Judge Barrett at their own peril. Their base is going nuts. They’ve raised $300 million, ActBlue has, since the passing of Justice Ginsburg,” Graham began.

“I’m being out-raised 2-to-1. Every Republican running in the Senate is being hit hard with all this money coming in from ActBlue. So if you want to help me, Five or ten bucks goes a long way.”

Bartiromo tried to continue the conversation, talking about President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Barrett, but Graham went back to the issue of campaign money, insisting that he and other Republicans need all the help they can get.

He stressed that “there is a lot of energy” among Democrats, once again directing viewers to his website and asking for contributions.

“Help me and others — — I hate to keep saying that but just the money is overwhelming,” he pleaded.

Graham made a similar appeal last week on Fox & Friends, when he repeatedly told viewers to visit his website, complaining that Democrats “hate my guts.”

He also predicted that his opponent, Democrat Jaime Harrison, would raise around $100 million, which would be an unprecedented sum for a Senate race in the Palmetto State.

Graham was relentlessly mocked for pleading for donations.

Harrison’s team released an ad featuring clips of the senator’s appearance on Fox & Friends, comparing it to “Oscar-winning” performances of Tom Cruise and other Hollywood actors.

Latest polling suggests that Graham has every reason to ask for campaign contributions. As Forbes reported, the most recent CBS news/YouGov poll showed him polling at 45 percent and Harrison at 44 percent.

A Morning Consult survey released last week suggested that the two candidates are neck-and-neck.

Harrison’s internal polls, one of which was conducted by Harvard University fellow Cornell Belcher, show the Democrat ahead.

Graham’s support for Barret’s nomination appears to be the main driving force behind the latest wave of Democratic donations in the South Carolina race.

The senator has been accused of hypocrisy, because he opposed judge Merrick Garland’s nomination, claiming that then-President Barack Obama should not have tried to fill a Supreme Court seat during a presidential election year.

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