WWE News: Former Superstar Says 'World Will Be A Better Place' When Vince McMahon Is Dead

Former WWE superstar Ryback has never shied away from expressing his honest views on the company. As documented by Wrestling Inc, his latest comments were no different. "The Big Guy" took to Twitter this weekend to answer some fan questions, which led to him revealing how he really feels about Vince McMahon.

A fan noted that McMahon is out of touch and doesn't have what it takes to come up with good ideas anymore. Ryback agreed with this sentiment, then went on to explain why McMahon hasn't been the main reason for WWE's success.

"It was ALWAYS the talent. He just created a platform as a human circus that he modified from his father. The guy is a piece of s***, can't stress this enough. World will be a better place when he passes. This isn't wishing death, but stating an opinion I believe to be true."
Several social media users responded to the post, but not every commenter agreed with Ryback's sentiment. Some of them criticized the ex-WWE star for his own alleged lack of talent, while others found his comments distasteful. While he claimed that he wasn't "wishing death" on the chairman, some followers said that he was.

Ryback has had some issues with WWE in the past. He had a tense relationship with the company while he was still an employee, and both parties have been embroiled in legal battles since the left.

As The Inquisitr documented earlier this year, the former superstar pleaded with McMahon and Triple H to let him keep his trademarks.

Ryback carries Big Show on his shoulders

However, his latest comments are consistent with problems he's had with McMahon regarding his treatment of performers. Ryback has been vocal about how wrestlers tend to die younger than athletes from other sports.

As the Wrestling Inc. report pointed out, Ryback also said that wrestlers should unionize in an effort to protect themselves. He also encouraged AEW to do the opposite of what McMahon's company does.

This isn't the first time that Ryback has shared an opinion like this about a notable member of the wrestling community. As documented by Ringside News earlier this month, he said the world would be better off without journalist Dave Meltzer as well.

The former superstar accused Meltzer of profiting from lies and creating hate for people he dislikes. This came following claims made by Miro -- formerly known as Rusev -- regarding Meltzer publishing false rumors about him in the past.