Seattle Shooting Leaves 5 Dead

A gun battle near Seattle led to the shooting deaths of five individuals on Sunday night, according to local authorities. One of the victims was killed by police when he threatened officers responding to the violent scene.

The shooting occurred at Pinewood Apartments in Federal Way, located roughly 20 miles south of Seattle. Police received reports of gunfire at approximately 9:30 pm and arrived at the complex as shots were still being fired.

According to Cathy Schrock, a spokesperson for the Federal Way police department, officers were placed in immediate danger as they arrived to investigate the Seattle area shooting.

“As officers assessed the scene two males could be seen in the parking lot injured,” Schrock explained. “An officer attempted to rescue the men, and as the [police officer] approached, one of the males on the ground reached for a weapon.”

In response to the threat, eight officers discharged their firearms at the man, who was later pronounced dead at the scene. Officials have not yet confirmed if his death was the result of police gunfire, or if he died from wounds sustained prior to their arrival.

The shooting victim adjacent to the man who threatened officers was also pronounced dead at the scene. The body of a third male victim was located on the ground in a separate area of the parking lot.

The Seattle area shooting also claimed the lives of two additional victims. Police have confirmed that the bodies of one female and one male were discovered inside two different apartments at the complex. The names of the five shooting victims have not yet been publicly identified.

While a motive behind the shooting has not been determined, spokesperson Cathy Schrock indicated that the violent incident was the result of a gun battle between all four male victims. At this time, it is believed the shooting originated inside the apartment where one of the male victims was found.

Authorities have speculated upon initial investigation that the female shooting victim may have been unintentionally killed by stray gunfire during the fight, although this has yet to be confirmed.

In keeping with standard policy regarding police involved shootings, the eight officers who discharged their weapons at the scene are currently on administrative leave pending further investigation. According to Schrock, none of the officers were injured during the Seattle area shooting incident.

[Top image via Shutterstock]