WWE News: RETRIBUTION Member Fires Back At CM Punk For Mocking Tweet

CM Punk doesn’t appear to be a fan of RETRIBUTION, as he has taken to Twitter on multiple occasions to poke fun at the faction’s gimmick. In a tweet posted Wednesday night, one of the group’s recently revealed members, T-Bar (formerly Dominik Dijakovic on NXT), clapped back at the former WWE Champion, threatening to “destroy” him if he ever returns to the company.

“To [CM Punk]: You mock my brother SLAPJACK because you are a coward like every current and former [WWE] Superstar. You tease leading RETRIBUTION but we will not follow you to failure like your New Nexus. We will destroy this place piece by piece, including you if you ever show up,” read T-Bar’s tweet, which can be viewed here.

As explained by WrestlingNews.co, the comments referred to how Punk tweeted a photo of Slapjack from the segment where RETRIBUTION’s members were revealed on this week’s Monday Night Raw. Along with this image, the former superstar included the words “When you’re bored in catering and there’s an abundance of paper plates,” poking fun at the mask worn by Slapjack — who was previously known in NXT as Shane Thorne.

T-Bar’s post also referenced the early-2010s storyline where Punk took over as the leader of the Nexus stable that was originally headed by Wade Barrett. Despite the addition of a proven main roster superstar, The New Nexus lasted just eight months before officially disbanding, as recalled by Sportskeeda.

Prior to the aforementioned post, Punk had taken a few other swipes at RETRIBUTION, tweeting last month — as seen here— that the stable should feature the “grandchildren” of the heads of the territorial promotions that thrived before WWE chairman Vince McMahon turned the company into a nationwide operation in the 1980s.

Similarly, Ringside News also reported in August that the wrestler-turned-MMA fighter seemed to acknowledge the rumors and fan theories suggesting that he was the faction’s ringleader. That time, he retweeted a post from the WWE on Fox account detailing the latest developments in the feud between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio, noting that he “[knows] a thing or two about retribution.”

As reported by The Inquisitr, this week’s episode of Raw featured the five core members of RETRIBUTION getting new masks that mostly confirmed their identities, with the three men in the group also receiving new ring names. Rumors have suggested that the stable’s storyline has been poorly received backstage, with certain individuals believing that their new names and masks might make it hard for them to be taken seriously going forward.

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