Future King Of Netherlands Asks Not To Be Called ‘Your Majesty’

Future King of The Netherlands Willem-Alexander just wants to be one of the guys.

On Wednesday, in his final interview as a Crown Prince, Willem-Alexander appeared on Dutch TV to tell his loyal subjects: Don’t call me “majesty.”

The Prince of Orange (to give him his full title) appeared on Dutch national channels NOS and RTL with wife Princess Máxima, where he said: “I’m not a protocol fetishist. People can address me however they want. For me, it is about people feeling at ease when I’m with them.”

Current Dutch monarch Queen Beatrix announced on January 28 that she would abdicate and that Willem-Alexander, her eldest son, would succeed her. The investiture of the new King will take place on April 30.

Prince Willem-Alexander Wills will officially reign under the name King Willem-Alexander, but in-person exchanges sound like they could be a lot more relaxed.

In the interviews with NOS and RTL, the Prince and his wife discussed their lives, how the Dutch monarchy should move forward, and Willem-Alexander becoming king. The interview was conducted at the Huis ten Bosch palace, Queen Beatrix’s formal offices.

Although Willem-Alexander does not expect to be addressed as “Majesty,” he’s not yet discussed his belief in his God-given right to be head of state. He’s not that relaxed, you guys.

What do you make of Willem-Alexander’s more down-to-earth approach? Is this a lesson other royals could learn from, or should royalty be treated as inherently more worthy human beings than other people?