‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Jax & Carly Discuss Nelle, Avery Returns Home With Nelle’s Necklace

Laura Wright
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There is a lot happening on General Hospital lately that has fans on the edge of their seats. There have been a few surprises and loads of drama along the way with more to come. Jax and Carly share a secret about Nelle and they will be chatting about it on Monday. Avery also found something that belonged to Nelle that could be of great interest to Jax.

He is back in town after trying to help Nina find out who may have the other half of her necklace. The previews for Monday’s General Hospital showed Jax confronting Carly about Nelle. They are keeping the secret about Nelle falling off the cliff and supposedly to her death. No body has been found, so there’s a very good possibility that she will be back eventually. In their conversation, Jax will at some point ask Carly if she has told anyone about what happened in the woods. She hasn’t told anyone about it and it’s likely that Jax wants to keep it that way. Soap Central wrote that he will be apologizing about something, but no other details were given on what that is all about.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Avery decided to head out to the woods by herself. Ava was frantic, as The Inquisitr had indicated, and she and Nikolas set out to locate her. While out there with a flashlight, the little girl found the half-heart necklace that was dropped right before Nelle fell. Viewers assumed that it would be Ava who would find it, but it was her young daughter who did. It’s likely that Avery won’t tell anyone about it for a while, but when someone does see it, the jewelry is sure to bring about some strong reactions.

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It could also bring some trouble for Carly if the PCPD catches wind that some evidence was found in the woods that belonged to Nelle. That could blow up her story. In addition, the other half of the necklace that Nina is looking for has been found, and Jax does hang around at the Corinthos house, mainly because of Josslyn. Will he be the one who spots it first?

Spoilers suggest that Ava will be dropping Avery off at Sonny’s on Monday and the piece of jewelry will go home with her as well. Fans are anxious to find out if Nelle really is Nina’s biological child or if this has all been just a teaser. If that is finally revealed, then Carly and Jax’s secret will take on a whole new meaning.