'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Tuesday: Amanda Learns The Truth

The Young and the Restless' Tuesday, September 15, episode featured Amanda learning that she and Hilary are twins and giving Devon the news. Phyllis gave Jack her opinion about Dina while Abby made plans with Chelsea. Billy also managed to strike a deal with Alyssa.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Devon (Bryton James) had a meeting at his penthouse. Nick noted that Devon seemed distracted, and he opened up about the possibility that Amanda (Mishael Morgan) and Hilary were twins. Devon wondered how that would've changed things for his late wife, and Nick felt that the whole situation was heartbreaking. Devon declared he'd find out the truth soon enough, and then he'd figure out how to live with the outcome.

At Crimson Lights, Nate (Sean Dominic) had the DNA test results, and Amanda asked him to stay while she opened them. She said that no matter what they said, she'd still be the same person she'd always been, and Nate could tell that she was scared. Amanda opened the envelope, and she read the information. She told Nate that she needed to tell Devon on her own, and she thanked him for being so great throughout the whole thing.

Amanda showed up at Devon's unannounced, and Nick left. She let Devon know that she and Hilary were twins, and he seemed both anguished and joyful at the news.

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) saw Jack (Peter Bergman). He smiled over a note that said nothing is more important in life than finding love, which he believed was a message from Dina (Marla Adams). However, Phyllis pointed out that it didn't sound much like Jack's mom. After discussing it for a bit, Jack decided to take another look at the home movie to see if Dina may have meant something else. He even called Traci (Beth Maitland) to suggest that they watch it again.

Joshua Morrow (NicK Newman) entertains the audience during the Y&R Actor Panel on the Y&R set.
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Later, Nick showed up, and he and Phyllis bantered about their day. After a bit, he urged her to call Amanda and suggested that her friend needed her right then.

Billy (Jason Thompson) and Alyssa (María DiDomenico) met at Chance Comm. She expressed some concerns over his vendetta, but he told her that he believed they could help each other. He also pointed out that the whole thing is personal for her too, and Alyssa worried that nobody would pump the brakes. Billy admitted that he planned to risk everything for this article. Ultimately, Alyssa agreed to sign on to write up the story.

At Society, Abby (Melissa Ordway) warned Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) that they needed to develop a plan to keep Alyssa from snooping around Chance (Donny Boaz) and Adam (Mark Grossman). Abby promised to have Chelsea's back when it came to the situation, and Billy arrived at the restaurant with Alyssa, which Chelsea noticed.

Finally, Summer (Hunter King) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) went to the Ranch. While Summer looked for Victor (Eric Braeden), Kyle moved one of his chess pieces. Victor showed up, and he commented on a married man shacking up with his granddaughter. Kyle conceded that the situation wasn't ideal, but he promised that his divorce would be finalized soon. Victor questioned Kyle's loyalty since he'd broken her heart the last time, and Kyle pledged to do right by Summer. Although she tried to announce their engagement, Kyle cut her off, and Victor warned Summer's man not to disappoint him.