September 15, 2020
WWE Rumors: Veteran Superstar Might Have Suffered Injury On 'Monday Night Raw'

Reports suggest that Monday Night Raw superstar Mickie James might have suffered an injury on this week's edition of the red brand's show, as suggested by the strange ending to her title match against Raw Women's Champion Asuka.

As explained by, the contest between James and Asuka was "pretty good" and featured them trading holds while on the mat. At that point, the referee called for the bell and declared Asuka the winner, due to how James apparently wasn't able to continue. The veteran grappler was described as looking "confused" by the decision, as the match was supposed to end with the champion retaining with the Asuka Lock.

Amid all the confusion, Zelina Vega made her way to the ring and cut a promo on Asuka, seemingly stepping up as the next challenger and kicking off a new rivalry for the Raw Women's Championship.

In the aftermath of the supposed botch, more information emerged regarding what might have actually happened, as former WWE wrestler and producer Lance Storm took to Twitter to say he believes "the ref said [James'] shoulder popped out." Not long after, Hall of Famer Mick Foley replied to Storm's tweet, echoing the rumor of the injured shoulder and offering his well-wishes to James. Foley's post can be viewed here.

Asuka (L) has Mickie James (R) in a headlock during an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Prior to her return to the ring in August, James had been out for over a year due to an ACL injury and the coronavirus pandemic. As she revealed to the New York Post in an interview published on Monday, she felt she was sidelined at the worst possible time — at a house show shortly after WrestleMania 35 in April 2019 — because television viewers weren't able to see what had happened. She also opened up about the negative reactions to how she was being booked immediately following her comeback, admitting she "didn't love" the presentation but was nonetheless glad fans felt so passionately about the matter.

As of this writing, James has yet to directly confirm whether she did indeed get hurt on this week's Raw.

The reports of James' possible injury came just a few days after it was reported that another red brand superstar — Viking Raiders member Ivar — might have to miss a substantial amount of time after getting sidelined on last week's episode of Raw. Rumors have suggested that Ivar might need to undergo surgery after landing awkwardly during an eight-man tag team match where he, Erik, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews faced The Hurt Business.