Spoilers For Monday's 'General Hospital': Britt's Return Rattles Port Charles

During Monday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers tease that Britt's return will continue to shake things up in Port Charles. Those who already encountered the new GH chief of staff were stunned to see her back, and the September 14 episode may bring even more intense reactions. She'll cross paths with Franco, Felix, and Kevin, but it's someone else she encounters that could spark some fireworks.

When Britt was last in town, she had a fling with Julian Jerome. However, things took a turn when he publicly blasted Dr. Neil Byrne and embarrassed Alexis Davis at General Hospital.

Teasers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Britt will waste little time in reconnecting with Julian. However, spoilers reveal that she will quickly make it clear she hasn't forgotten what he had done.

This upcoming conversation between the two is described as a confrontation, and a few additional details were revealed by Soap Opera Digest. Actress Kelly Thiebaud talked with SOD about returning and teased some fun tidbits regarding what's ahead.

"Britt reminds Julian that she knows what he did," Kelly hinted.

Julian is already scrambling to deal with what Nelle stashed away that would expose his role in Wiley's kidnapping, and now, he'll soon learn that Britt's back in town. She knows way more about the Wiley situation than he will be comfortable with, given that they are not currently on good terms.

William deVry plays Julian Jerome on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

Given her new position at General Hospital, Britt might not be looking to reveal what she knows. It could paint her in a bad light too since she had held onto some critical details about what originally happened.

It could be that Britt cautions Julian that she hasn't forgotten any of what she knows, but she will also tell him that she won't expose him right now. Despite the promises, he will likely remain anxious about this.

General Hospital teasers indicate that viewers can expect Britt to be back for a while. Fans rallied for her return after her previous exit a few months ago, and it didn't take long for the show's producers to make it happen. While Kelly can't reveal too much about what's in store for her character, she did open up a little bit about what she hopes is ahead.

"I'd really love a big story that's rooted in reality. Something that's very moving and relatable for the fans -- or she teams up with Sonny and becomes a top member of the mob [laughs]!"
It certainly should not be difficult for the writers to develop some juicy developments for Britt. Not only is she already shaking things up with the staff at General Hospital, but she's also got ties to Julian, Nikolas, and Peter as well.

Will Britt's return also pave the way for Obrecht and Brad to pop up soon too? General Hospital fans are feeling hopeful, and they should see some fun stuff play out during Monday's episode.