AEW News: Chris Jericho Wants Top WWE Star To Join Company

During the latest episode of his Saturday Night Special, by way of, Chris Jericho revealed that he'd love to have WWE's Samoa Joe in AEW.

According to Jericho, the superstar has all of the tools that the company looks for in performers, and he's a fan of Joe as a person as well.

"I don't know if Joe is hurt right now or if he's not feeling good, but I'll tell you what man, he is just an amazing wrestler. He's a great talker and just a hell of a guy as well, I would love to have him in AEW."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Joe is taking time off from in-ring competition to focus on commentary work at the moment. He hasn't wrestled for most of 2020, which has led many fans and pundits to believe that he's quietly retired due to injuries.

Joe previously suffered a series of concussions, which is presumably why the company is in no rush to bring him back. Many performers have had to hang up their boots due to similar injuries in the past.

As The Inquisitr report highlighted, he's expected to return to the squared circle at a later date. The reason why he's doing announcing on Monday Night Raw at the moment is that he's recuperating from injuries and the commentary team is quite depleted without Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Samoa Joe cuts a promo on WWE television

Joe has also received lots of critical acclaim since taking on his new gig, so officials might be happy to have him continue in that role for the foreseeable future. Jericho also praised Joe's commentary skills during the Saturday Night Special.

However, he also said that he doesn't want the WWE star in Tony Khan's promotion if he plans on continuing in this role, as he may keep Jericho out of a job.

"If he's going to come to AEW and steal my possible commentating job then forget that."
As The Inquisitr previously documented, Jericho has ambitions to become a commentator after he hangs up his boots. He has called some recent episodes of Dynamite as a color announcer, and his performances have been so well-received that he's considering making a full-time transition into the role down the line.

Joe doesn't look set to leave his current employers any time soon, but other wrestlers who recently worked for Vince McMahon have jumped ship. Miro made his debut on the latest episode of Dynamite, making him the latest performer to join the rival promotion.