Joe Biden Will Beat Donald Trump On Election Day, Bernie Sanders Predicts, But It Won’t Be A ‘Slam Dunk’

Joe Biden greets a supporter
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders predicted that fellow Democrat Joe Biden will defeat incumbent President Donald Trump and win the 2020 presidential election, in an interview on Firing Line on PBS. However, he believes it won’t be a “slam dunk.”

“I think there is a strong chance that he, he will win. Am I here absolutely to say this is a slam dunk, no chance that he will lose? That is not what I’m saying,” he said.

He went on to note that if Biden is to have any chance at winning, he needs to run on more than just “I’m not Donald Trump.”

By way of an example, he noted that Biden has revealed an economic program that is not as strong as the one Sanders fought for, but it’s a “strong program” that will improve the lives of millions of people.

Sanders officially ended his campaign for president in April, and Barack Obama’s former vice president eventually gained the Democratic Party’s nomination. The two men don’t see eye-to-eye on several issues, such as climate change and health care, which Sanders is considerably further to the left than Biden.

Similarly, he noted that there are still Sanders supporters who aren’t ready to hitch their wagon to Biden because they believe the Democratic party “abdicated” a progressive agenda.

However, he encouraged further-left Democrats such as himself, as well as all American voters, to put aside their differences with Biden “for the moment.”

“Put that aside… that’s what, in a sense, coalition politics is all about. You come together, for a common goal. The goal is to defeat Trump.”

Sanders noted that his team and Biden’s team have worked together to put together an agenda of leftist policies that, should they be implemented, would make Biden “perhaps the most progressive president since [Franklin D. Roosevelt].”

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Further, the Vermont senator stated that he would use his role in the Senate to see to it that those policies are implemented.

As for Trump, Sanders was clear that getting him out of office needs to be the Democrats’ top priority.

“The person who is president today does not believe in democracy, does not believe in the rule of law, does not in fact believe in the Constitution of the United States,” Sanders said.

As Sanders explained, Biden needs to do two things to unseat his opponent. First, he needs to continue to appeal to voters with his agenda. Second, he must continue to attack Trump’s record and rhetoric.