So this is the state of the blogosphere eh

I came across this humorous infographic via Zee over at The Next Web and wanted to share it with you. Now I say humorous because some of the stats that go with the graphic seem a little wonky to me.

  • 133,000,000 million blogs
  • 35% of Journalists are now Bloggers
  • 48% of Bloggers are in the US
  • 66% of bloggers are males
  • 1/4 earn $100k+ a year
  • Aside from “personal musings”, technology bloggers are the most prominent
  • 75% of bloggers are college graduates

The idea that tech bloggers are the most prominent isn’t something we really need to hear given that most of the people in the tech blogosphere already have bloated enough egos, they don’t need this added hot air. Apparently Zee has emailed Intact, the people behind the infographic, for some clarification on the stats that went into the infographic but in the meantime here it is for you in its full color glory.