Donald Trump Will Step Down If He Loses The Election So Mike Pence Can Pardon Him, Michael Cohen Says

Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump participate in a signing ceremony
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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, said that he believes Trump will resign if he loses the upcoming election. Cohen believes that Trump is allegedly looking for a way to scale prosecution for any crimes that he may have committed while in office.

As The Daily Beast reported, Cohen appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show and laid out a theory about how Trump would behave if he faced a loss in November.

“Well, my theory is that if he loses, there’s still the time between the election and the time that the next president would take office,” Cohen said. “And during that time, my suspicion is that he will resign as president, he will allow Mike Pence to take over, and he will then go ahead and have Mike Pence pardon him.”

“And it’s a very, let’s just say it’s a very Nixon-type of event and it was probably discussed between Roger Stone and President Trump at some point,” he added. “That this is certainly one way to avoid any potential prison time.”

The move wouldn’t be entirely without precedent. There was a somewhat similar situation after Richard Nixon resigned in 1974, but was pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford, to prevent him from being prosecuted for any Watergate-related crimes.

Michael Cohen, the former personal attorney to President Donald Trump, prepares to speak to the media before departing his Manhattan apartment for prison on May 06, 2019 in New York City. Cohen is due to report to a federal prison in Otisville, New York, where he will begin serving a three-year sentence for campaign finance violations, tax evasion and other crimes.
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Maddow pointed out in the interview that it seemed suspicious that Cohen was the only one charged in the crimes to which he pleaded guilty. He responded that he had been selected as the scapegoat and was to take responsibility should they be discovered. He that there was evidence of Trump’s direct involvement, which includes his signature of some of the payoff checks allegedly used to silence women with whom he’d had extramarital affairs.

He added that he was acting at the direction of Trump and was thrown under the bus by his team when prosecutors began their investigation.

Cohen is currently under house arrest and is serving three years for lying to Congress, tax evasion, and campaign finance violations committed while helping Trump win the Oval Office in 2016. He is currently promoting his new book, Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.

Cohen makes several surprising claims in his memoir, including that Trump has made multiple racist remarks about foreign leaders, in addition to the claim that he generally looks down on people of color, as The Inquisitr previously reported.