'Elysium' Headed To China This September

Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi flick Elysium is headed to theaters in China this September.

Although Hollywood is currently having some trouble getting China's state-owned foreign film distributor to cough up revenue, American studios are still interested in getting their movies played in the country. A number of big motion pictures are slated to arrive in Chinese theaters next month.

In addition to Smurfs 2, The Lone Ranger, Turbo, and Ashton Kutcher's Jobs, the District 9 director's latest endeavor are reportedly on their way to China. The world's second-largest film market could add several million dollars worth of business to their respective box office totals.

According to The Wrap, a source close to China Film Group claims Elysium should arrive in cinemas throughout the country on September 5. However, representatives from TriStar and Sony Pictures haven't confirmed this information.

Blomkamp's $115 million sci-fi flick hasn't exactly set the box office on fire in North America; the film currently has $55 million in the coffer as of this writing. However, the film's worldwide total currently stands at $93 million.

If Chinese moviegoers have an interest in Elysium, then the film could make a tidy sum of movie during its theatrical run in the country. Universal's international hit Fast and Furious 6 and Warner Bros' Pacific Rim have performed exceptionally well in China over the past few weeks.

In fact, it's currently believed that Warner and Guillermo del Toro could move forward with a sequel thanks to the picture's popularity in the country. Sony is no doubt hoping that Elysium proves to be just as popular with audiences in China when it arrives next month.

These aren't the only films that have performed extremely well in Chinese theaters. Both World War Z and Iron Man 3 also walked away with a considerable amount of cash. Michael Bay is hoping to break new ground with his China-friendly sequel Transformers 4 next year.

Do you think Elysium will be a popular choice with moviegoers in China?

[Image via TriStar / Sony Pictures]