Donald Trump Blames Campaign Money Woes On ‘False Reporting’ About ‘The China Virus’

Donald Trump delivers remarks during a news conference at the North Portico at the White House.
Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Reports claim that President Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election is experiencing severe money woes. This morning, the president appeared to confirm them when he took to Twitter to place the blame for the financial problems on what he said was spending to combat supposed misinformation about COVID-19. He used language that seemingly put the responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic on China. You can view his tweet here.

“My Campaign spent a lot of money up front in order to compensate for the false reporting and Fake News concerning our handling of the China Virus. Now they see the GREAT job we have done, and we have 3 times more than we had 4 years ago – & are up in polls. Lots of $’s & ENERGY!”

Twitter users responded en masse to the president’s words. At least 53,000 hit the “like” button while more than 12,600 retweeted it. Thousands also left a comment about Trump’s claim. Several noted that Joe Biden’s campaign had a considerable fundraising total for August and that the Democratic nominee is leading in the national polls.

“REALITY 1. Biden is well up in the polls both nationally & in battleground states. 2. Biden & Dems raised $364.5 million in August – strangely, Trump hasn’t announced how much he raised in August (it’s obvious why),” replied one account.

Donald Trump answers questions from reporters at a news conference.
  Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Others pointed to the COVID-19 death toll in the United States, which continues to climb and sits at nearly 190,000, according to Johns Hopkins. Recently, new predictions from the University of Washington’s health institute have estimated that as many as 410,000 Americans could die by the end of December if the country continues on its current path, according to Reuters. Several responses to Trump’s tweet alluded to that report.

Dr. Eugene Gu was one of several users who called out Trump for continuing to call the novel coronavirus by a racist name. He warned that Asians in America are facing increased racism even though they are not responsible for the virus.

A few of those who replied thanked the president for his early travel ban from China. Some also agreed that Trump and his operations have plenty of energy behind them for reelection on November 3.

The Inquisitr reported that Trump might spend as much as $100 million of his own money to help right his re-election cash problems, but he hasn’t fully decided that’s the course he will take. Should the president use so much of his own funding, it would be unprecedented for a modern incumbent.