'General Hospital' Spoilers: Britt & Julian Reunite And She Won't Be Holding Back

General Hospital is bringing actress Kelly Thiebaud back to her role as Britt Westbourne, and she is expected to confront Julian Jerome rather quickly. According to SheKnows Soaps, her arrival will be on Friday, September 11, and this time she will stay a while longer than her short stint last spring.

While she was in town previously, she managed to snag her job back at General Hospital and have a fling with Julian. She also paid a visit with her mother, Liesl Obrecht, and her BFF, Brad Cooper, before they were hauled off to prison. However, she left quite abruptly. A lot has happened since she left, including the strange nuptials between Julian and Nelle Benson. Now that Nelle is considered dead, or at least long gone out of town, Julian is free to move on from the mess he has gotten himself into.

What brings Britt back to Port Charles? One particular rumor is that she got pregnant by Julian and is ready to confront him about it. However, things may not have worked out at her other job, so she may be back to General Hospital to get her old job back. But things have changed dramatically, as Cyrus Renault has taken over and he is in a firing mode.

William deVry
ABC | Craig Sjodin

Spoilers from Soap Central tease that the first thing Britt does when she returns is to confront Julian. She isn't expected to hold anything back, especially when she finds out that he married a girl like Nelle. He may end up confessing his involvement with Wiley's kidnapping as well. Britt is trying to stay clean as she doesn't want to spend any more time in jail, but she may try to help a friend or two. Julian doesn't seem to have anyone else to turn to at the moment, so it may be good timing that she is back.

There are quite a few storylines that Britt could be involved in. She won't be one to back down from Cyrus and she will most likely be on his payroll, just like the rest of General Hospital. Britt's return could bring Brad and Liesl back as well. Her half-brother Peter framed her mother, and that has yet to be solved.

It was announced last month that Kelly would be back on the ABC soap, and fans are ready to see what her involvement will be with the other residents of Port Charles — as well as if Britt and Julian will continue where they left off.