Katy Perry Posts Visually Stunning Video For New Single ‘What Makes A Woman’

Katy Perry posted a video on Instagram Tuesday set to the chorus of her single, “What Makes A Woman,” and it’s a visual masterpiece.

The video featured animation in the style of oil paintings, with bright and vivid colors. The beginning of the clip showed the top half of a woman who resembled Perry and cut to reveal her fully body, including a baby bump. Through an artful transition, the point of view changed to the fetus inside of her. After one more closeup of the woman’s face, a line of women holding hands appeared on the screen and were lifted up by a colorful array of balloons. Drawings of Perry and two other women representing different cultures were featured in the backdrop.

Perry captioned the video with an explanation of how being a mother has taught her so much about one of the many aspects of womanhood. She also included a quote from A Mother’s Thoughts author Linda Wooten.

Perry’s fans — also known as Katy Cats — were quick to show their support, giving the post more than 100,000 likes and flooding the comments section.

“THIS IS PERF!” one user enthused.

“Thank u for this album u make me smile over and over,” another added.

“Daisy is very lucky to have you as her mom,” a third said warmly.

“What Makes A Woman” is a track on Perry’s latest album, Smile, which was released Friday. The single packs a true girl-power message, expressing that despite society’s attempt to give a definitive label of what a woman is, there is no one true definition.

Her sixth studio album has already received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. It is clear that she drew inspiration from her pregnancy while writing this album. One of the tracks is named after her newborn daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, who was born just two days before the album’s release.

Perry previously explained to SiriusXM that “What Makes A Woman” is the track she looks forward to her daughter hearing the most.

“It’s a song about how you are gonna to have a tough time measuring what truly makes a woman because women are so many things. And I like to say not one thing, not just one thing. And such chameleons, and so adaptable, and so malleable and transformative. And can handle the weight of the world on their backs and do it all in heels. And make it look pretty effortless,” she explained during the interview, adding that the song will be “secretly dedicated to her.”

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