Pregnant Katy Perry Reveals The Song She’s Most Excited For Her Baby Girl To Hear

Katy Perry is getting closer to welcoming her new daughter into the world. However, just because she’s expecting, she hasn’t stopped promoting her new album, Smile, which is now set to drop on August 28. In a segment of SiriusXM’s “Celebrity Session with Katy Perry,” she discussed her upcoming album and which songs she’s most thrilled about to share with her baby.

In between performances of her new tunes, SiriusXM’s The Pulse’s Jim Ryan asked Perry if there were any songs she was excited for her daughter to hear or any Perry would want to sing to her baby. The American Idol judge responded, saying the closing track of her upcoming album was sort of dedicated to her little girl.

Perry explained the track, titled “What Makes a Woman,” goes into all that it takes to be a female in society.

“It’s a song about how you are going to have a tough time measuring what truly makes a woman because women are so many things,” she detailed.

She went on to say that she believes women to be “chameleons” who are constantly changing and transforming themselves to be whatever the world needs them to be.

“[They] do it all in heels and make it look pretty effortless sometimes,” she continued.

Perry then spoke about how she herself has been empowered by the process of creating a life inside of her. She said not only is she appreciative of the power of her body and all that it can accomplish, she also felt “blessed” to be able to do it while still working essentially full time. She asked Ryan if he could promote a record while “creating a life” and forming limbs at the same time. She hinted that doing so made her feel proud to be a woman, which is the central theme of the track she “secretly” dedicated to her daughter.

The SiriusXM performance comes as Perry continues to promote her fifth studio release amid further delays in its release. Initially, Smile was supposed to drop in July, then it was pushed back to early August. However, on Monday, as reported by The Inquisitr, the singer took to Instagram to announce that the record now won’t come out until August 28. She included the bad news in a caption underneath a series of photos that showed her getting pied in the face.

She also told her more than 102 million fans that she’ll continue to promote Smile with snippets and some live performances until it drops — or until her little girl arrives, whichever comes first.

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