Argentinian Soccer Fans Attack Players After Defeat

Dozens of Argentinian soccer fans stormed into the club’s changing rooms after they had just finished training, and then attacked some of the players.

They then also robbed the athletes, who played for Huracan, stealing various items from their possession, and damaged their cars outside of the stadium in Buenos Aires.

These scenes were sparked after the club suffered a disappointing result, and those involved were careful to hide their identity, doning masks throughout the ordeal.

The second division club were knocked out of Copa Argentina by their opponents Godoy Cruz on penalties on Wednesday evening. Despite the fact that their rivals are a division higher than Huracan, and the cruelty of their defeat, supporters still felt a huge sense of injustice and decide to dole out their anger on the team’s players.

“After (Thursday’s) practice, when we were in the dressing rooms having showers, the barras bravas (hooligans) came into the club with their faces covered and sticks and intimidated us all,” revealed the team’s coach, Jose Maria Llop.

Llop added that some players had been badly beaten, and also noted, “When we left, the physical trainer’s car and some others had been scratched and the tyres burst. There were eight other cars in that state. They also took money from players”


Huracan’s president, Alejandro Nadur, revealed that the fans had arrived at the stadium in two buses and then preceded to enter the building.

Nadur was disgusted by their behaviour, proclaiming, “What they did would not have been justified, even if we had lost 15-0 to Godoy Cruz. There were 150 barras who came into the stadium, broke cars and threatened players.

Huracan are currently in eighth place in the second tier of the Primera B Nacional standings, 20 points behind the league’s leaders, Rosario Central.

Do you think that Huracan deserved their abuse?