Donald Trump Reportedly Wanted His Inauguration To ‘Look Like North Korea’

A new report from Politico delved into Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s forthcoming book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, and some of its most interesting revelations. In particular, the piece claimed that Donald Trump wanted his 2017 inauguration to “look like North Korea.”

“Donald Trump wanted his inauguration to look like a North Korean military parade,” the report read.

According to the piece, Trump revealed his vision when speaking with Wolkoff and his daughter.

“I want tanks and choppers,” he allegedly said. “Make it look like North Korea.”

In her book, Winston Wolkoff revealed her feelings on the purported vision.

“He really wanted goose-stepping troops and armored tanks? That would break tradition and terrify half the country.”

Politico also claimed that The Apprentice creator Mark Burnett proposed to “light the sky with drones,” an idea Trump and his wife allegedly liked. Nevertheless, the aerial vehicles were never used due to their potential safety risks.

Trump famously became the first U.S. president in history to enter North Korea. Approximately one year after he met with the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, at the Singapore Summit, the first overseas meeting between leaders of the two countries took place.

Despite these historic events, Trump has received criticism for his purported affinity for Kim, a brutal dictator that ordered the deaths of his family members and other authoritarian leaders. As reported by The Hill, the late conservative writer Bre Payton used an appearance on The Hill’s Rising in 2018 to blast the president’s claim that he fell “in love” with Kim.

“I’ve long been disturbed with Donald Trump’s treatment towards the North Korean brutal dictator that we have. I think that this is shocking and appalling. You know, I actually interviewed someone who defected from North Korea a couple of months ago who shared her story.”

Nevertheless, the pair appear to have similar interests in military shows of force. NBC News described North Korea’s 2015 parade, the largest in the nation’s history at the time, as a “lavish exhibition” meant to pave the way for increased army strength.

Trump’s own use of military forces has drawn criticism. As The Inquisitr reported, his Fourth of July show of force received pushback from some Army leaders, who believed he was politicizing the troops. Elsewhere, critics likened the showcase to a campaign event and pointed to the Republican National Committee’s VIP area.

Outside the U.S., state-owned Russia-1 appeared to mock the event and the Fox News coverage of the spectacle.

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