Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Jason Reaches Out For Help And Epiphany May Come To The Rescue

General Hospital spoilers hint that Wednesday's episode may provide viewers with some new information regarding Taggert's faked death. Last week, fans got the confirmation they'd been seeking that Taggert was still alive. Unfortunately, he soon threw himself into a dangerous situation and now all those months of hiding are now at risk.

While Julian was holding a gun on Nelle at the pier, threatening to get rid of her, Taggert jumped in and saved her. He likely had no idea what was even going on at that moment other than seeing a woman being held at gunpoint and threatened.

Unfortunately, Taggert ended up getting shot and Nelle got away with Wiley. Julian didn't recognize who he had shot and left the former detective alone and potentially dying on the pier. Jason happened to come across the injured not-so-dead detective and General Hospital spoilers suggest he'll quietly pursue help during the August 26 show.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows Jason thanking someone for coming. The preview also shows Epiphany showing up somewhere and demanding answers regarding what was going on. It seems likely these two tidbits from the video clip are connected.

At this point, General Hospital viewers have not been provided with much information regarding how Taggert's death was faked earlier this year. Jordan was obviously in on it, and it had been revealed that Epiphany helped. Fans have speculated that Jason and Sonny were involved too, but that hasn't been exactly confirmed or debunked yet.

Whether Jason already knew Taggert was alive or not, hearing the nickname "Anger Boy" got him up to speed with the detective being back in town quite quickly. While he could reach out to either Sam or Elizabeth to help with this, General Hospital teasers suggest that it's Epiphany who gets the call.

Does this mean that Jason did know about the plan all along and knew the nurse was safe to pull into this? It seems fairly unlikely he'd put her at risk like this if he didn't know about her previous involvement.

SheKnows Soaps teases that Epiphany does step in to help out with something during Wednesday's episode. She and Jason may try to keep all of this under wraps, but that may not work for long.

General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini posed a couple of interesting questions via his Twitter page just ahead of this show airing. He teasingly asked how Port Charles would react when people learned Taggert was still alive. In addition, he suggested there were definitely other people involved in the original cover-up.

Fans were relieved to see Taggert wasn't killed off after all, and the actor has suggested he's back for the long haul now. General Hospital spoilers suggest his return will prompt some major developments in the days ahead and everybody will be anxious to see how this plays out.