Denise Richards Admits To Lying On Shocking ‘RHOBH’ Finale, Gets Called Out By Co-Star Lisa Rinna

Denise Richards has been labeled as a liar by several of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates due to her ongoing claims of having not slept with co-star Brandi Glanville. During the series’ finale episode, she’ll be seen admitting that she wasn’t completely honest during filming.

In a sneak peek of the August 26 finale episode, Garcelle is seen revealing to her date that she has no idea where Denise is as she sits in the back of a vehicle en route to the launch of Dorit Kemsley’s new champagne line in Encino, California. After arriving at the party, Garcelle informs the other ladies that she’s been stood up by Denise.

According to Garcelle, she likely opted out of the group bash because she thought Brandi would be in attendance.

“Was Brandi invited?” Garcelle wondered.

“Of course not,” Dorit replied, also adding that she had been blocked by Denise.

During a later scene with Lisa Rinna, Denise is seen sitting beside her castmate on a couch as she explains that she was a no-show to Dorit’s event because she feared Brandi would come to the party and make a scene.

“I did not want to go and have her create some f**king Jerry Springer moment,” Denise explains to Lisa.

“So there wasn’t a family emergency?” Lisa asks.

Apparently, Denise claimed she had an emergency before the event took place so that the women of the show would not expect her to be there. However, the actress didn’t actually have anything dire to handle in regard to her husband, Aaron Phypers, or her daughters, Sam, Lola, and Eloise, and they were absolutely fine at the time of her false claim.

“No, there was not,” Denise confirms.

Right away, Lisa is taken aback by the fact that her former friend would suggest something bad had happened to her family in an effort to get out of an event.

“We were worried about you. You said, ‘Family emergency.’ You lied! That’s a lie!” Lisa tells her.

Dorit Kemsley and Denise Richards attend BravoCon 2019.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Teddi Mellencamp came forward earlier this month to explain why she stopped believing Denise’s claims midway through filming on RHOBH Season 10.

During an August 12 appearance on the After Show, Teddi said she stopped thinking her co-star was credible when she took the allegations that were made against her by Brandi and suggested it was Brandi that had done all of the things she accused Denise of doing, which included talking badly about the other ladies.