‘RHOBH’ Star Teddi Mellencamp Explains Why She Stopped Believing Denise Richards

Teddi Mellencamp no longer finds Denise Richards to be a credible source for information.

Teddi appeared on the August 12 episode of the After Show for the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She spoke to a producer about the moment in which Denise swore on her mother’s grave that she was being honest, before explaining that was when Teddi quit thinking that was a possibility.

“I think when you swear on somebody in your life’s life, it’s not ideal,” Teddi explained of Denise’s comment, which was made during a cast dinner in Rome, Italy.

Denise is facing allegations of an affair with Brandi Glanville, which supposedly took place behind the back of her husband, Aaron Phypers. She was also accused of speaking ill of other members of the show, including Teddi, who she allegedly said was “desperate” to be included in their friendship after living in her father John Mellencamp’s shadow for years.

Although Denise certainly swore on her mother’s grave in an effort to shoot down the rumors, which Brandi started weeks ago on the series, it didn’t work, at least in Teddi’s mind. This was after Denise attempted to turn the tables on the group by claiming it was actually Brandi that was talking badly about the group, and allegedly told her that she had hooked up with someone else on the show.

“I was already checked out from what she was saying,” Teddi admitted of Denise’s statements in Rome.

“I no longer was believing really anything she was saying because night one, she could have just put a stop to it and said, ‘Brandi and I’s personal relationship has nothing to do with you guys.’ [And] that conversation would have been done,” she continued. “But she was just doubling down and obsessing over that portion and now bring up whatever she can.”

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As The Inquisitr previously reported, Teddi also spoke about her drama with Denise while appearing on the “At Home” edition of Watch What Happens Live on August 12. She revealed that when Denise started spewing allegations of an affair at other members of the cast, she was simply “adding more fuel to the fire” when it came to her issues with the ladies.

As for allegations of being biphobic, Teddi said that it wasn’t the fact that Denise and Brandi were both women that got people talking; it was the fact that she was married at the time of the supposed hookups.