Cop Allegedly Brandished Gun At McDonald’s Drive-Thru Slowpokes [Video]

Forsyth County, GA – An apparently very hungry police detective allegedly wasn’t lovin’ it when customers were taking too long at the McDonald’s drive-thru window.

So he got into a customer’s face … with his gun.

The detective sergeant allegedly threatened one of the customers ahead of him in line with his service revolver. The detective was reportedly wearing plain clothes with a badge on his belt and driving an unmarked police vehicle at the time.

Video surveillance of the disturbing April 9 confrontation has just been released and is embedded below. “Forsyth County Sheriff’s Major Rick Doyle [said] that the detective became impatient with other men in the line, left his car and pointed his weapon. Doyle said the sergeant confronted the men using expletives. Forsyth County Sheriff’s Duane Piper said Biumi lunged his head, gun and shoulders into a pickup truck to threaten the driver.”

The detective, identified by local media as Scott Biumi of the DeKalb County Police Department, has been charged with aggravated assault in the drive-thru rage incident. The alleged victim, a teenager, described the McDonald’s drive-thu incident as follows: “He grabbed me on my right shoulder and pinned me against my driver’s seat, and the next thing I know, I have a gun in my face. He goes, ‘Do you know who you’re messing with,’ and ‘You shouldn’t be holding up the line’ and all this and that.’ “

Biumi has a May 23 court date and may also face disciplinary action from DeKalb police for this alleged drive-thru rage.

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than long waits at the drive-thru or at the bank waiting to conduct a simple transaction with a a teller (on those rare occasions when a personal visit to a bank is necessary), but this gun-toting officer’s alleged food rage unacceptably crosses numerous “lines.” That being said, could the problem in part be with McDonald’s rather than the drive-thru customers? A McDonald’s CEO recently characterized the fast-food restaurant company’s customer service as “broken,” which has resulted in, among other things, long food waits.

Watch the surveillance video of the Georgia police detective allegedly threatening the McDonald’s drive-thru customer by sticking his service weapon into the customer’s face:

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