Chicago Sinkhole Injures One Person, Swallows Three Cars

Sinkhole Opens in Chicago

A sinkhole in southeast Chicago injured one person and swallowed three cars on Thursday.

The Chicago Police Department said the injured man was attempting to drive his car around the sinkhole when it began to expand. His car toppled into the opening as result.

The driver was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after suffering minor head injuries. He is currently listed in good condition as of this writing.

The Chicago sinkhole was reportedly caused by a water main break and heavy rain.

Fire department officials stated that crews arrived at the scene after two cars had already fallen into the hole. The third car is said to have been driven into the opening after firefighters began to access the situation.

Chicago Water Department spokesperson Tom LaPorte said he believed the torrential rain may have caused the pipe to burst. The sinkhole spanned the entire width of the road. It consumed part of the grass near the sidewalk in the process.

Authorities explained that the automobiles could be seen sticking out of the sinkhole. One witness who saw the incident take place said she could have very easily ended up inside the opening.

“It could have happened to me,” Ola Oni told USA Today. “I am lucky. I’m happy. In this kind of neighborhood I don’t think this should happen.”

Heavy rain has caused quite a few problems for folks in and around Chicago. Several flights were canceled as a result of the downpour. In addition to expressways, LaPorte said hundreds of basements have been flooded during the storms.

Several news organizations managed to snap shots of the Chicago sinkhole. WGN reporter Nancy Loo shared some of her pictures on Twitter.

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