Former Chinese Communist Party Insider Warns China Is A Threat To The World

Xi Jingping sits at an annual conference in China
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Cai Xia, who was once a leading professor at China’s top training center and think tank, is now denouncing the Communist Party, in which she was once considered an elite member.

According to CNN, Cai is now warning the rest of the world about the threat of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after a series of rebukes against leader Xi Jinping resulted in her expulsion earlier this week.

Cai has warned that China aims “to replace the free and democratic system of modern mankind represented by the United States, and the values and order of peace, democracy, freedom and justice” with its own model of governance. This includes a strict one-party rule that has little room for dissent or debate.

Cai added that the president had been the root of eliminating any opposition in the Middle Kingdom. She also claimed that while disagreements were frowned upon under former President Hu Jintao, they were still tolerated.

According to the former professor, that has now changed.

“What [Xi] emphasized was the concentration of power and the absolute conformity and loyalty to the Party’s central leadership,” she said. “He does not allow dissenting voices from within the Party, punishing those who air a different opinion with Party discipline and corruption charges.”

Xi Jinping is applauded by members of a CCP meeting.
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The Asian nation’s push for the consolidation of power has been noticed by the international community at large and has often sparked outcry. For example, China’s policy of shaving the heads of Muslim Uighurs and sending them to reeducation camps has brought both criticism and comparisons to Nazi Germany.

Cai also offered the example of Hong Kong, which has recently been the target of restrictive laws that betray Chinese promises made to the United Kingdom when the latter relinquished control in 1997.

Moreover, Cai added that it is not only those with differing opinions that get punished. She said that those with bad news were often penalized, resulting in a government that often relies on false information to avoid retribution.

“Officials often conceal the truth and only report what they would like to hear. The information conveyed upwards is false, and there is no more scientific, democratic, open and transparent decision making,” she described.

Cai ended with a dire warning: The Communist country is attempting to exert its influence throughout the globe and may potentially interfere with the 2020 presidential election in the United States. She concluded that the only way to prevent tragedy in both the Middle Kingdom and the world at large is to replace Xi.