‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Appears To Have A New Puppy, One Year After David Eason Killed Family Dog

Jenelle Evans filmed and uploaded a video to YouTube of her playing around with making jewelry with husband David Eason and daughter Ensley, but it wasn’t the weekend antics that caught the attention of fans.

Instead, Teen Mom fans were shocked to see that not only did the couple appear to have a new kitten, but they also appeared to have a new puppy as well. The new addition to the family comes just a year after David admitted to shooting and killing the family dog after it allegedly bit Ensley in the face.

David said that the dog was aggressive and he was concerned about protecting his daughter above all else, adding that he didn’t want to rehome the dog because it could end up harming someone else’s child.

Both David and Jenelle were booted off the MTV show following the incident, and animal lovers were upset with the chain of events.

Now, the controversy is bubbling up again after the couple appears to have added new animals to their lives. Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to discuss the situation, and clearly some of them are afraid.

“She needs her own pet cemetery because they’re all going to die. She looks high too. HIGH HIGH HIGH!” wrote one person.

“Jenelle gets away with f*cking everything. She can abuse, neglect and her husband can kill animals but nobody cares and they are still allowed to get as many pets as they want. They also neglect and abuse their children but are allowed to still keep them living in their house of horrors. David can also assault who ever he wants without any repercussions. I’m so sick of these two,” commented another.

Others noticed that the couple’s other pet hasn’t made an appearance lately, prompting speculation that something had happened to that animal as well.

Many noted that having a puppy is hard work and wondered why the pair appeared to keep getting new dogs when they are facing so many challenges in their personal lives.

Recently, David was charged with assault after allegedly hitting a friend of Jenelle’s with a gun. The incident allegedly occurred when Jenelle and David were on a break and she had returned to her home to get some of her belongings.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the charges were recently dropped, but a new video of the event was released, reportedly showing the pair’s children present during the altercation, prompting backlash from critics.

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