‘Teen Mom’ Star David Eason’s Assault With A Deadly Weapon Charges Dropped

Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason is no longer facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. As The Sun reports, the legal team who pressed charges against Eason has decided to drop the case just a month before the courtroom trial was to begin.

Per The Sun report, a Columbus County court clerk in North Carolina confirmed that the charges were dropped after James Spivey’s legal team made the decision not to move forward.

Spivey previously claimed that he was attacked by Eason, who was brandishing a handgun, and now he plans to avoid both Eason and his wife Jenelle Evans.

“It wasn’t up to myself, or either one of us. It was in the attorneys’ hands. They thought it was the best way to proceed. It is what it is,” Spivey said. “On the behalf of myself, I just am staying away from them.”

Spivey added that the pair, who have a famously on-again, off-again relationship marred by public fights and incidents, one of which resulted in the couple losing their spot on the MTV show, seemed to deserve each other.

“It seems like that is a couple meant to be together. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, this is one couple that deserves to marinate in their own sauce,” he said.

The trouble began when Evans went with Spivey and his partner to her home in North Carolina to gather some belongings. Allegedly, Evans was scared and wanted backup. There, they encountered Eason. Spivey was reportedly shoved before grabbing a coat rack to protect himself.

According to the arrest report, Eason committed assault “with a deadly weapon, a Springfield handgun, by hitting James Spivey in the back of the neck and on his back with the handgun.”

He also allegedly threatened to shoot Spivey.

According to one source, the couple’s children — Ensley, 3, her son Kaiser, 5, and his daughter Maryssa, 12 — all witnessed the event.

Spivey says that he has moved on, but he won’t be getting dragged into the Eason/Evans drama anymore.

“I wish them the best, whatever that may be. As far as me and my partner, we are through with them. There will be no rekindling of a friendship. What’s done is done,” he said.

He says that he has learned that he shouldn’t help friends even when they need him because the nice guy “finishes last.”

Eason and Evans parted ways after the fight, but they later got back together and purportedly remain so today.

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